433 Squadron W. H. Cook Crew - Their story, Page 2

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F/Lt W. Cook, RCAF

F/O R. Shiells, RCAF

F/Sgt L. Mallory, RCAF

P/O J. Ash, RCAF

F/O J. Pittman, RCAF

Sgt R. Ainsworth, RAF

F/O J. Grant, RCAF

No 2.Manning Depot, Brandon, Manitoba

F/Sgt. Lorne Mallory attended No. 2 Manning Depot at Brandon, Manitoba. He graduated in July, 1943. Please click here to see images and read about the Manning depots, and here to see his graduation picure.

From Manning Depot, he moved to No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School in MacDonald, Manitoba. This is the same Bombing and Gunnery School that many others on this site had attended. Sgt. Mallory graduated from Course 71 on Feb. 24, 1944. The program from his graduating course banquet is shown below.

grad dinner class 71

grad dinner attendees class 71

Click here to see each page of the Grad Banquet booklet, including autographs from fellow attendees.

(Click here to see many images of No.3. Bombing and Gunnery School)

The image below shows a young Lorne Mallory in uniform, wearing his airgunner insignia approximately April, 1944.

lorne mallory in uniform aprill, 1944

Crewing Up - Wombleton, October, 1944

Wombleton was constructed as a standard bomber airfield with the usual three concrete runways. Situated just south of the village of Wombleton, the airfield was the highest in North Yorkshire and the nearest to the Moors, which claimed many of the bombers.

The airfield opened in October 1943 as a sub-station of Topcliffe, in No.6 Group, RCAF. Its wartime role was destined to be a Canadian training station, and on October 21st 1943, No.1666 HCU with Halifax Mk.IIs arrived from Dalton and Wombleton was to become their home for the duration of the war. Source: Wartime Memories Project.


crewing up at wombley

Crewing up (Wombleton, Oct 1944)

Back row from Left --unidentified, unidentified, Grant, Cook, Ainsworth
Middle row from left - unidentified, Ash, Pittman, Mallory, and Shiells

Image courtesy of Al Mallory, son of Lorne Mallory.

From Wombleton, the crew moved to Skipton on Swale in Yorkshire. from the end of October through to end of November they trained on Halifax III BMs. Lorne Mallory's log shown below details 30 hours of training and 12 operational hours in November. Lorne Mallory was the mid-upper gunner.

page 10 of log book

The log book entry below shows the first and last operational flight for the crew.

page 11 of log book



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433 Squadron Cook Crew - Their story Page 2